Warframe 119 Lets Build The CERAMIC DAGGER
PermalinkSubmitted: 10:37 am on Dec-30-2013By: Jecht

to be very fair on this weapon, its not THAT bad, but if your looking for a new dagger style weapon and want some rarity to it, get the dark dagger as this one sucks.

put the same mods onto this as i had when we did the dark dagger and the dark dagger was killing with one swing, this has issues killing with charged attacks, single swiping is not worth even trying.

even did the same mission on the same planet and it just cant keep up, the damage numbers are close but just not close enough.

the V polarity on this does not save it either, its a damn shame as this could of been a really nice weapon for something that has more damage than other weapons that are just better than this.
Created by  MarkeyDesign