Warframe 117 Lets Build OBERON
PermalinkSubmitted: 12:21 pm on Dec-25-2013By: Jecht

So oberon huh, a palidin class warframe that you get from vay hek on earth.

He\'s not that bad, kind of the perfect mix of defencive abilitys, offencive abilitys and healing ability too.

Smite is his first one, with the ability to shoot enemys and have your projectile bounce around dealing damage to others as it goes.

Hallowed Ground is second, placing a carpet of noodle looking things on the floor that deal damage as the enemy walks over them, this with the focus and continuity mixed with range .. makes this ability perfect for defence/survival missions!

his third ability (i forgot its name tbh) lets you heal your alies,you shoot something that looks alot like the smite projectile but instead of hurting your friends, you heal them over time, its not as effective as trinity but its better than nothing!

lastly is his uber, i love this!! you pick up enemys around you and slam them into the ground!
it has a small range but fit the range mod and its LOTS of fun!!

he has alot more health/shields than valkyr does but way less armour so she wins on the looks being the last new warframe but this guy wins on abilitys!!

hands down one of the more usefull all round warframes with the ability to do damage and heal, no others do that so this guy is making up for the past few warfames, not that they sucked or anything but this guy wins on abilities.

would LOVE to have these abilities on valkyr as she has to be the best looking warframe to date but this guy dont look too bad.

wont replace excalibur as best all round warframe but oberon is sure trying to take that title from excalibur!
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