Warframe 116 Lets Build The GLAIVE PRIME
PermalinkSubmitted: 1:21 pm on Dec-24-2013By: Jecht

So after Update 11 its taken 4 weeks to get the blades from Survival Tower 3 survival.

to get this its:
the blades are void survival, i got them on T3, you can get them T2 if your really lucky.
The disk is tower 3 defence in the void.
The main Blueprint is the same, Tower 3 void defence.

so basicly its T3, making it harder to get anyway but the rarity of the blades was madness.

once you have it, 10 orikin cells later its yours and you equip it to realise .. its the exact same stats as the normal glaive .. wtf.

it has the EXACT stats, same polaritys, everything.

i did not like the normal glaive that much, the kestrel is the better throwing weapon because it deals knock down when you throw it.

so the kestrel is still better than this is, but this is SO much more fun to use for some reason, i think its souly down to the fact that you farm for this alot longer than anything else but the kestrel is better with that knockdown on it!

Being a glaive you can fit the glaive mods to it, +1 bounce, -1 bounce and flight speed so the big shame about this is the fact it will need a catalyst to use these special mods and still give it damage.

Topped off with it being a "charge to throw" melee weapon, the charge mods suit this WAY more than any other melee weapon so the whirlpool mod (glaive flight speed) with the charge speed and charge damage this can do more damage at a much longer range than any other melee weapon.

plus its meant to be a silent weapon so can throw it to kill and do stealth missions.
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