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Well everyones calling this a goo gun, i'm calling it a snow ball thrower, as there white.

it's a weird gun, with yet again a dual fire capability where pressing fire once will shoot a small ball of goop but holding it in will fire a charged shot of goop.

If you didnt know, you will now, i've played every unreal tornement game around, strangely enough you can skin it how you want, this is the goo gun from UT!! fire once for small blob, hold to charge .. hmmm, definatly works the same and i loved that weapon in the game (flakk cannon coming to warframe soon btw lol).

So why would you want a gun that does no slash, no impact and no puncture mods, its going to be hard to upgrade it to a point of doing lots of damage right?

WRONG, put fire on this, instanly was almost 300 fire damage and almost doubled its killing ability!

its soul purpose though is to set traps for enemys, you charge the shot, then shoot it infront of them so they stand in it .. boom, no more bad guys.

i use it by spamming fire for same effect as charging it but thats just me tbh.

it does damage if you shoot it straight at an enemy so spamming it into an enemys face will deal damage on impact THEN when it goes off so more damage, which is better than setting the blob trap imo.
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