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So the magistar is heavy on the gallium to build so get farming the mars boss for these if you need them.

It looks really nice too, lots of detail in the skin on this!

it does a nice amount of swing damage with its 1.3 fire rate and a load more charge damage than i expected from it so the charge damage/speed mods will go really nice in this.

even though it kills things nicely and its charge is really nice too, the thing i like most about this is the fact its ground pound radius is HUGE

the huge radius of the ground pound means that you can open multiple containers in loot rooms quickly and if you get surrounded by enemys you can knock them down much easier too!!

which does mean that this would be good against infested or heavy armour enemys so you can knock them down then shoot them as they get up then repeat the process of keeping them knocked down as they do to us lol.

so it is worth a catalyst as this could become a day to day weapon once the charge mods are installed!
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