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So for a rifle that looks like the soma and had low damage like the soma it was hard to see what this is.

what this is, is a rifle that the grineer use against the tenno.

So with all the damage mods in i would put in and a catalyst too, by the time it was lvl 12 (24 points with catalyst) this thing was melting its way thru alot of enemys.

apart from the boss in the video, it had issues there but mainly down to ammo.

The 24hr build time on this is way too long!

it does need a max clip capacity mod because the BIGGEST down site to this is the fact it fires so quickly but has such a small mag size coming it at a 30 mag size.

your constantly reloading, installing this mod does not solve the issue but it helps alot more than sticking with just the 30 clip size so thats why i put a catalyst into it, that and i thought it was going to be more powerfull than it is.

Dont get me wrong, it has more than enough power, it just peaked way earlier than i thought it was going to, at lvl 12 i have all my damage mods basicly already installed so after this is just playing with the elements on this to try and make it alittle weirder.
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