Warframe 112 Lets Build The CRONUS
PermalinkSubmitted: 3:05 pm on Dec-17-2013By: Jecht

Ok so this weapon is dropped sometimes by captain vor on mercury.

its not the best of melee weapons but it has more charge damage than the heat sword so did expect more from this.

Unfortunaly this suffers the same issues, its just not that good without a catalyst in it so does need one to become usefull so you can fit the charge speed/damage mods into it.

thats a damn shame tbh, i mean its a damn shame too, it could of been a much better weapon with just 5 or 10 more charge damage so with max damage mods on there it would kill something.

if you have a catalyst going spare this would be a nice weapon for it but if your just starting the game, save your supplies, build a viper instead :p
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