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Well update 11.3.0 came with a new ground pound for these weapons and instead of going back over an old one i thought i would build a new one.

the animation for the ground pound was awesome, first time i did it and seen the effect and how it stuns enemys .. awesome.

damage wise .. mmmm, it's bad, it needs the charge speed and charge damage mods to become usefull which means either little damage or you have to drop a catalyst into it.

because of this it is not worth building unless you have alot of spare catalysts laying around because simply put, a weapon thats not atleast good before a catalyst is worth a catalyst in my opinion.

this needs one so ruins this weapon alittle and caused me issues on leveling it up knowing in the back of my head "its as good as it'll get, nothing added will make it better without more points to use"

i maxed my damage on this before the video as had my poison and base damage mods installed and even though it was fun to use, it could be MUCH better with that catalyst and does deserve one.

with one it will be a nice weapon, without its just a "meh" weapon.
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