Warframe 110 Lets Build The PENTA
PermalinkSubmitted: 2:42 pm on Dec-14-2013By: Jecht

Left mouse click fires it, right mouse click sets them off.

you can only have 5 down at a time, which is equal to one mag.

once leveled up this does an insain amount of damage with only 3 mods, serration, rupture and firestorm.

firestorm increases the blast radius on this and the ogris, serration is damage increase and rupture is impact damage.

the ONLY damage type this weapon has is rupture so once these 3 mods are on, go nuts with the rest as this weapon becomes a beast with these 3 on!

loved it, quickest i leveled it up too, think it was about 6hr's of playing and it was 30, got lucky with a survival and we sat in one spot just throwing these at the door, came out with over 200k xp on this weapon which is the first time i've seen xp that high from a survival mission!!

makes me with i had not bought that affinity booster now as needed to get this done as my net was failing but one game took it from 18 to 30 and am still using it.

its not the BEST weapon in the game, its just lots of fun to knock yourself down after it bounces off things and you dont notice its at your feet lol
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