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Did not like the single lex much atall, its fire rate was too slow, its reload took so long you could watch this video between the reloads, These however, seems much better!
after all, dual weapons all the way :D

think its more down to the fact i spent longer on these than the lex, the single lex was more of a passing fancy tbh, i got it during the double affinity weekend AAAAGES ago as i had an affinity booster that weekend so was basicly 4x the affinity so this leveled up insainly quickly and polarized nova 5 times that weekend aswell as a rifle twice aswell as a melee and even think i did the twin vipers so when i used the lex it was litually to get it done.

i did try it again while this was building and it was as bad as i remember, taking an age to reload .. omg that reload took SOOOOOOOOOOOOO long.

so when these where done the first thing i got fitted was the reload speed mod, maxed it out and it is still long but not as long and way more managable than it once was.

then, fire rate, these shoot so slow unmodded that you can die just trying to get a second round off so fire rate maxed too.

still a "ugh" weapon for something that is still the original hand cannon .. :wall:

by this point your sick of them, want to sell them and get another pistol, DONT, after these 2 mods fit hornet strike (damage mod) and WOW, i only had it upgraded once, instantly these things starting doing way more damage!!

With a catalyst in there these could become a really strong pistol, if you can cope with the long reload and slow fire rate that is.

shame though, if the fire rate was alittle better and it did not need to be upgraded then this could of been a really nice pistol without the need of the catalyst but like most the stuff there adding of late, catalyst needed or dont bother wasting your resources on it.
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