Warframe 104 Lets Build The CERNOS
PermalinkSubmitted: 4:55 pm on Nov-30-2013By: Jecht

The Cernos is a tenno bow, with the least damage of all the bows its saving point is its looks, looking much better than the rest. but with the new damage system, this bow will force people to go back and look once more at older bows as this bow is alot more fun to use now.

This is one of the few weapons i put a catalyst onto early as i have a catalyst on the other bows so was only fair and by the time i had it to lvl 15 i had my highest serration mod (one from max) installed with maxed thunderbolt and the new rupture mod which gives extra impact damage which is the highest damage number on this weapon in the new damage 2.0 system.

so this bow did amaze me, i REALLY dont like using the bow's much, there alot of fun but there a pain to aim and the projectile speeds are slow.

This however was the most fun i've ever had with a bow since the paris first came out all that time ago.

The rupture (impact damage) mod really does help this along and since this have got it to 30 and have it does corrosive damage (fire + poison mods) asweel as some other random mods and this bow became so much fun to use it amazed me alot!

Plus it looks way better than the rest, a fact i'm sure i'm going to get alot of grief about because the paris and the paris prime just look .. boring tbh, the quiver (thing on your back with arrows in it) is what you see most and this one looks much better and even the bow looks really really REALLY nice over the other 3 too!
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