Warframe 103 Lets Build The CESTRA
PermalinkSubmitted: 5:21 pm on Nov-29-2013By: Jecht

Well in short, this pistol is a hand held supra, which has the spool up firing effect the soma has too, its not too bad of a pistol but could of been better.

This pistol did suck till it got very leveled up, nothing compared to the brakk .. but wait, the brakk was super nerfed so its useless too, this pistol just went up the scale alot as now its about as good as the horrible brakk is :whistle:

that in mind, if you fit a fire rate, max ammo and clip capacity mod's to it and then put a catalyst into it also, this becomes a really fun little pistol to use!

without the catalyst it does not have enough space so either you have to put up with a small clip, a spool up from hell or poor damage.

it's another weapon that could of been much better, even 20 more rounds in a clip would of saved this pistol from being one of those weapons alot of ppl will hate.
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