Warframe 102 Lets Build The VALKYR Warframe
PermalinkSubmitted: 5:45 pm on Nov-28-2013By: Jecht

Well she is an interesting warframe, as part of alad v's projects she was freed after he was killed.

With 50 shields, 100 health but 200 armour, she does look to be an interesting warframe indeed.

she is a close range and awesome warframe with some nice looks and abilitys to match.

her first is a grappling hook that can pull enemys to you or help the ppl who cant do parkour that well.

second is a team buff that buffs alies while slowing the enemy, strange but third ability does similar thing and for a second ability, it costs 75, usually a third ability power cost :/

Third ability she screams (banshee much) and does alittle damage while slowing enemys .. this is nice as it costs only 5 energy so you can spam this while other team mates are helping people up!

Forth ability .. she goes into a fit or rage and puts her weapons away as she grows claws and goes on a melee killing spree that .. well its the best melee ability EVER!!
she's also imune to damage, though they will probly nerf and ruin this like they have anything good in this game.

only bad side is her 50 shields, the 200 armour makes up for it but first mod she will need is shields and maxed there not that high so she is likly to die easier than any other warframe if your not careful.

She does suit the melee damage aura mod (steel charge) as it should help with her uber ability alot.
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