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Double barrel shotgun that shoots both shots at once so its basicly a one shot shotgun that takes along time to get good but once it is .. its the best of the new normal weapons!

That mod that adds extra slash damage that goes really well on this is "shredder", 30% slash damage and this weapon suits slash damage so worth fitting with the "point blank" mod for more damage, blaze added will also increase damage!

it is a shame the new weapons are abit under powered but this makes up for it if you put a catalyst into it and fit those 3 damage mods!!

is it worth building? not really, its possibly the worst of the shotguns out there because of its single shot firing the 2 rounds at once but land both them shots it does deal alot of damage and throw in multishot it will possibly be alot more powerfull.

it does take along time to get it to a high enough level to fit the good mods and get it to start doing damage but if you can live with it thru that then its not that bad of a weapon, could of been so much more though!
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