Warframe 98 Lets Build The PLASMA SWORD
PermalinkSubmitted: 3:07 pm on Nov-22-2013By: Jecht

i know i know, i was part way thru this when update 11 came out so the menu system has changed again since we did this and worse off, damage 2.0 is out so it went from becoming a good weapon to being poop.

NOW, gave it a day, hence this did not come out yesterday, and lone behold, alittle play with the mods, added fire at a reduction to the base damage and it became better than it was when update 11 killed it.

So, add an element to this or its going to be WAY to bad to use as we had a maxed damage mod and where having issues with the level 20 light infested, lowered it and fitted a fire damage mod and it went from being useless to killing them much better.

does suck that this is an alert only weapon because it looks really nice but does very little damage, i stand by my original choice from months ago though, ignore this and just build the gram.
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