Warframe 97 Lets Build The HEAT DAGGER
PermalinkSubmitted: 4:18 pm on Nov-19-2013By: Jecht

Well with a base damage of 25 but an attack rate of 1.5 i did have high hopes for this being one of those weapons that deals small damage but quickly.

if this is a 1.5 fire rate, this weapon would be unusable at 1 fire rate as its quick, but needs to be quicker so instantly you need the fire rate mod.

the range of this is the smallest in the game aparently, and you can see it when your surrounded and you cant him them so thats an easy fix now, range mod right?
i tried it and it did help but there\'s another mod slot gone AND means you now need to put a catalyst into it or this will do little to no damage.

The ground slam saves this weapon though, with its ability to deal fire damage on a ground slam you can use that to stun then enemy then get close to take them out.

so would this be worth building?

if your looking for a stealth run weapon for a very low level mission then sure, you could add to its charge damage to increase the assasination damage and it will be nice with the quick fire rate.

if you want it as a normal melee weapon it could be ok but will need a catalyst in it or it\'s going to cause you issues with the range mod in there.
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