Warframe 25 Co-op Glaive Blueprint run on pluto
PermalinkSubmitted: 10:16 am on May-17-2013By: Jecht

Ok so abit of a random one here, nothing more than game play.

this was an alert that came up while recording something else that was paused so we could get jahdoh the glaive blueprint.

this was done after i already had mine and DO regret taking it with me on this mission.

it was on pluto and did not notice that till it started and had higher level infected to try and kill.

was not THAT bad but my glaive was not leveled up so not doing much damage so had to fall back on weapons i was in the process of trying to make better, been tweeking with my mods to get more damage out of them.

Jahdoh had same thing, he had only just built his pistols so we went into this under powered and very un aware of what we where about to get into.

We did well but let it be a lesson to check what planet your doing an alert on before you do it :whistle:

would of walked this if we did it now.
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