Warframe 96 Lets Build The PANGOLIN SWORD
PermalinkSubmitted: 2:37 pm on Nov-16-2013By: Jecht


regretting it, but i do refer to this as the best alert weapon, i cant stand by that as have not built them all YET.

This is one of the better ones for sure, its ability to ignore armor makes it a really nice weapon on charged attacks.

it also does not only hit one enemy so instantly i like it over the jaw sword!

It looks really nice and does a nice amount of damage, not to be confused here but it was so much fun to use i will use it over the gram for awhile.

It does a nice ground slam area.

all round this was a really nice melee weapon to use, this could be because ive been using single enemy hitting weapons of late or could be because it looks nice and is hard to get.

being a weapon that only pops up on alerts every now and then it is rare sword which makes it that little bit better because you wont find alot of ppl using it :ras:
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