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Well its an ether weapon, so 3x damage to light infested, but it only hits one enemy at a time so 3x the damage against infested, which are the worst kind of enemy for surrounding you as there a melee enemy :wall:

as you can imagine, this is bad .. having a group of them around you with this weapon on you means your screwed.

Its area of effect on the ground slam is also really tiny so you cant ground slam to get them off you to escape.

While doing this, we got surrounded afew times, actually died twice trying to get this recorded because once an ancient gets into the battle you cant stand up long enough to escape with the exploding guys going off and them knocking you down. world of knockbacks sucks.

But you get past this and take them on one at a time this is actually an ok weapon to use, not as bad as the jaw sword was atall.

it is best against the infected enemys and against the grineer or corpus this thing is so bad your best of taking a feather into battle against them and trying to tickle them to death.

Be prepared to run away from the hordes of infested enemys that will come after you, its that or die!
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