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We missed one so, here's Excalibur!

with a health of 100.0 (300.0 at rank 30), shields of 100.0 (150.0 at rank 30) and 50 armour, this is probly one of the better all round warframes.

most the supporting warframes have 10 armour so excaliber having 50 makes him a great all round warframe, even on the higher levels he can still hold his own.

loki and mag also have 50 damage but loki is 100% defence with no way to do damage using abilities and mag is all about dealing damage!

after excalibur ofcorse, ash is the BEST all round warframe in the game, you have some set for being tanks that are really slow due to high armor, the powerfull warframes have 10 armour, ember, banshee and nyx for example, have good abilities but there support frames so have little armour.

this is where excaliber shines, he has slash dash that does massive damage, super jump for getting to harder to get places, radial blind is great for when too many ppl are around you and radial javelin can be powerfull too and is a good AoE attack (area of effect).

is abit weird doing him after all this time but its true, we had never built him so had not built all the warframes and now we have and if you started with mag or loki, you really should try excalibur, he's loads of fun!
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