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This is a single furis, not the dual and i was expecting it to be an ok weapon from what i remember as its a mastery zero weapon meaning you can equip it from day 1, but OMG, 4 neurodes O_O

its actually a really nice weapon to use, fires slower than the viper does but if you put a catalyst (blue potato) into this, fit multishot, it will become a powerfull little friend to have!

does  need the max ammo and clip capacity like the viper did, but this also requires a fire rate mod too, the fire rate mod will make this just as powerful as the viper was because will get more bullets down range quicker.

they say this is more accurate than the viper is, i wouldnt agree with that because i've never had issues with the accuracy on the single or twin viper but if this is true, this weapon with multishot could be a whole new kind of powerfull over what it is when i used it.

would recommend the single viper over this for one BIG reason, this needs 4 neurods, they can be a pain to find and because its requirements for the build are higher, it should be better lol
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