Warframe 92 Lets Build The JAW SWORD
PermalinkSubmitted: 3:40 pm on Nov-11-2013By: Jecht

Well, for a weapon with 35 damage, 75 charge damage and a fire rate of 1.0 .. this thing SUCKS!!

ONLY reason for this is because it only hits one enemy at a time, meaning if you get surrounded by any enemy, your dead X_X

Now the melee weapons are good because when this happens you can start swinging and take them out but with single enemy hitting weapons this is not possible.

They counter this by giving it a nice area for the ground slam but thats about it.

With a poor charge damage but a nice charge speed this weapon could of been really good but was ruined by the single enemy hitting side of it.

Due to this it can be used on lower levels with ease, infested are probly best but when you face corpus or grineer, they will shoot at you and kill you while your still trying to take down one enemy.

even our saryn in the video, with 1k health still came close to death and she has 100 base armour with a maxed out armour mod installed and we got humiliated on saturn of all planets.

so no, if they fix this weapon later then it\'ll be worth it but unless you like single enemy hitting weapons, this one sucks, build the gram instead :p
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