Warframe 90 Lets Build The BOLTO
PermalinkSubmitted: 12:19 pm on Nov-08-2013By: Jecht

IF your building the AKBolto then its a good idea to use this while your waiting for the second one to build.

reason for this comes souly down to mastery points, if your building the dual weapons then using the single version first will give you an extra 300 points towards mastery rank :whistle:

But this weapon is WAY better than it used to be, when we used the boltor (the rifle) and the AKBolto (pistols) they would do no damage to the heavys, but as you can see in this video, i'm killing heavys with these and loving each moment of it!

they are abit expensive to build, requiring a LATO to be put into the build for them so to get the AKBolto you have to really have 4 guns to go into it, 2 lato's that turn into 2 bolto's you then combine to become the akbolto blank face

but this pistol was WAY better than i remember it being, went back to play with my akbolotos and lone behond, they aint got a catalyst and there mods suck, no wonder i didnt use them that much!

LOTS of ppl are reverting to these over the twin vipers, but the gremlins, are an automatic version of the AKBolto so your not pressing fire constantly and do seem to do more damage than these, that mean there like the ultimate pistol?

no, the normal bolto is still WAY more fun and your not wasting tons of ammo trying to hit something and compensating for recoil, these are easy, aim and shoot, it recoils you just give it a second before firing again.
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