PermalinkSubmitted: 11:39 am on Nov-04-2013By: Jecht

If you did 25 missions or more in the Gradivus Dilemma event, you would of got this.

This is what the normal one should of been but word of warning, it needs fire rate BADLY!

With 20 more damage and 50 more charge damage and double V polarity slots, this promised to be a really powerfull weapon.

Till you swing it, this thing is SLOOOOOOOOW :wall:

have to fit attack speed, or its useless without it this is so slow you'll die just trying to swing it.

But once you have damage and speed in there the builds upto you, but this does look alot better than the now retired machete did and with the added damage is now what the machete should always of been from the begining.
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