Warframe Dojo Weapons - Bio lab #5 The DJINN Sentenel
PermalinkSubmitted: 3:50 pm on Nov-02-2013By: Jecht

We finaly did it, them moving the mutagen samples to only drop in the derelict ships is causing issues

Djinn has 2 special mods, sharing the 2 they all share, which is regen and that one i forget the name of that boosts your shields when there depleated.

Djinns 2 special mods for itself are:

which is basicly "shoot first enemy in range", upgrading this increases range, this is good to do as its range is REALLY long!

Fatal Attraction:
this one is its special ability, its basically going to attract enemys to you.

The fatal attraction animation has been disabled for the user as it is a massive distraction but it does still do it apparently, which is abit of a shame as it looks cool but it fills the players screen so can get in the way.
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