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Well if you got to 100 games on the Gradivus Dilemma you got this, if you sided with the grineer you got it built WITH a potato, if you sided with the corpus you still get it, but you have to build it so check the foundry cos this has to be the best shotgun EVER, beating the strun wraith easy!

This thing has to be the best pistol too, but thats arguable down to how you have yours setup and your game playing style, it is however the best shotgun pistol making the bronco look silly!

Glad i just did the single bronco, it was fresh in my head and then i jump straight to this from that .. OMG, this makes the normal bronco look like your throwins leaves at enemys lol.

This is one of the most powerfull shotguns in the game, souly down to the fact that you can add the "Lethal Torrent" mod into it and increase the multishot another 60% over the normal multishot mod and because its a shotgun this means you get alot LOT more damage from it!

lvl 150 heavys will be begging you to leave them alone when you point this at them once you put in both multishot's, put hornet strike in and top it off with ice wave to have 7 rounds over its standard 5.

with both multishots maxed, my hornet strike at one lvl from maxed .. the base damage this has of 150 went upto 1,260 .. it really is the best shotgun out there.
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