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Well this was abit weird, was reading about the new sniper rifle and looking at pictures of it the night before they suprized us with this.

does 175 damage but only has a clip of 1, though it does reload REALLY quickly it does mean you have to aim for a first time kill every time!

With a damage 50 more than the vulkar, it costs more but is more powerfull limiting its clip size to 1 to counter the damage to fire rate so it cant be quick fired.

i actually got this to 30 already and its one shotting the heavys on the same mission (mercury survival) at 30mins in, which not even my soma will do with its max crit mods :yay:

i am a big fan of sniper rifles and liked the lanka because of its massive damage thru crits but the charge bugged me, this is MUCH more my kind of weapon with the ability to shoot from the hip and do alot of damage as close range or zooming in to take them out before they get to you.

only suggestion would be to take some really good pistols or melee weapon, for when they get too close because like any long range weapon, you still need close range weaponry for when a group gets too close.

close range backup is needed more with this as it only has one shot per clip so fighting them off too close can hurt lots!
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