Warframe 87 Lets Build The BRONCO
PermalinkSubmitted: 10:11 am on Oct-31-2013By: Jecht


This was one of those weapons you suffer with for 3/4 of its leveling process then suddenly goes from being a rubbish weapon to being a good weapon.

This is fortunately one of those weapons you do need to put a catalyst into because without one it does not have enough points to be of any good.

As i said in the video, was 26 before i could fit my damage and multishot mods into it and thats all it has, once the multishot goes it this becomes a really powerfull weapon but with only 4 points left after that i cant really do much with it unless i potato it and dont have one as fitted it into the balistica the other week so need to build one.

With this being a shotgun pistol you do need multishot, it is good without it but with it the thing instantly tripples in damage and becomes WAY better!

So once you have your multishot in there you have instantly lost 15 points of the avalable 30 without a catalyst, this is why i say it is one of those weapons that does need to have one to be good because my hornet strike was an 11.
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