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Retired in update 8 and replaced with the lanka.

came back in the informant event where you also got the snipetron vandal.

but in that event we got the BP for the snipetron, so we are able to build it.

This is the original sniper, back in the day when there was only one, before the vulkar (or whatever it was called) came out with 25 more damage.

didnt cost alot to build, dont do alot of damage and its not been avalable for awhile now, so why build it?

Well we have to build it, its the big regret i had from not building it, having all the weapons and not this would haunt anyone when they have them all and NOT this one.

Its a low powered weapon, sucks abit too much as does have 25 less damage than the vulkar, slow as hell reload speed and the clip is tiny.

BUT, dispite this, if you are lucky enough to have the BP for this sitting in your inventory .. build it, its SO much fun to hear ppl asking what your using as alot of ppl dont know it even exists!!!!!!!!
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