Warframe 83 Lets Build The FURAX
PermalinkSubmitted: 10:41 am on Oct-19-2013By: Jecht


another melee weapon .. that makes 4 in the past week, so sick of melee weapons that i think its time for something different next time

These are the entry level fist weapons, doing the least damage of the 3, we have already built the kogake and i just thought these would be fun.

oh they are!

Like any close quaters weapon, they suit the tanks better than the support, so frost/rhino/saryn work well with these as they can take a shot or 2 while trying to punch ppl in theface.

of the 3, this does look the best, with the fire element on there they have flaming spikes sticking out of them!

they will never be a weapon you can take into really high weapons but they make up with it with LOTS of fun!!
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