Warframe 82 Lets Build The BALLISTICA
PermalinkSubmitted: 2:07 am on Oct-17-2013By: Jecht

the Ballistica, a crossbow weapon that does 10 damage .. or does it?

after 10mins of use i was hooked to this weapon, with its dual fire ability this is a nice weapon to use.

its burst fire is activated just by pressing fire and you'll shoot 4 shots at once.

its charge WILL go thru ppl and hit ppl behind it (as i do in the video).

meant to only be doing 10 damage but no way its that low! :yay:

only have it at lvl 11 and before i put a catalyst in it this thing is great fun to use!!

ONLY down side is the charge, but that is countered by a fire rate mod, add one of them and this thing charges so much quicker!
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