Warframe 67 Lets build the Carrier Sentinel
PermalinkSubmitted: 11:37 am on Sep-18-2013By: Jecht

So this is the new sentinel, one of 2 but the second ones going to take an age to get to because its in the dojo lab and you have to research a weapon first and the clans working on that.

So, ability basically is a vacuum, it sucks items towards you.

AWESOME ability tbh, it pulls mods to you and you get mods you otherwise wouldnt see, it also keeps your power and ammo stocked nicely too.

lots of ppl say this ability is abit too useless but i'm a collector, i like to pick up the items and go hunting for stuff so this is great for me when i'm farming items not boss's.

the weapon it came with is a shotgun, level it up and it can be better than the deth rifle from dethcube, i've seen it one shot afew ppl on jupiter and its not even leveled up yet :yay:

Does cost way more than dethcube to build this but it's totaly worth it for defence missions as you dont have to worry about power or ammo as this guy helps SOO much.

biggest down side, the mask you put on it dont cover what you would think is the face so its abit of a weird looking sentinel but once you see the one from the dojo labs, this guy dont look too bad.
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