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SOO, was playing last night when an alert came up, started it THEN checked twitter as it loaded to see if the ? was finally the blueprint for the glaive .. :yay: IT WAS!!

hell of a change moving from the gram (sword) to the glaive (throwing weapon), specially when my gram can take down a level 59 jackle!!

but once you learn you cant fight up close to ppl as its a distance weapon and add some mods, its a good weapon!

and I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy, not only did i get this but i've also got a shocking touch mod to fit to it, that was my THIRD ever found shocking touch mod!!

actually have 4 now, no longer have to share one between my Dual Zoren and my Mire sword, they can have one each :whistle:

plus you might notice, have the dark dagger blueprint soon.

if they enable trading i will be giving some of these blueprints away to ppl, including a glaive blueprint as they will also be hard to come by :p
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