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OK, so this just came out and i jumped on it quickly, as i've been doing for the past few weeks now on the run upto update 8, which should be AWESOME :whistle:

so the big changes in this update are mainly the new weapon "the glaive" which dont have a blueprint yet so can only be bought using platinum points or from doing an alert with a ? in it.

this decision might not sit well but time will tell.

Other things added:

Added new damage deformers for enemies, meaning more ways to dismember your foes.

Added Dual Dagger stealth attack (was sharing dual sword stealth attack).

Added new Grineer death/fall sounds.


- Frost power mods moved to common pool, increased chance for drops.

- Increased base Crit Chance and Damage on Grakata.

- Trinity and Mag's helmet effect now works with "energy" palette color changes.

- Moved Objectives to later part of missions so the route to extraction is shorter after objective is complete.

- Toned down lighting/flare on most melee weapons.

- Added damage fall-off to all shotguns--no more shotgun sniping.

- Revised sounds for security cameras.

- Revised sound for Trinity's Link power.

- Multiple improvements to various sounds events (mixing, attenuation, surface materials).

- Removed pit under Jackal spawn to prevent any accidents.
- Gorgon accuracy adjustments while aimed.

- Fire rate adjustments to Akimbo and Semi-Auto Pistols.


- Fixed Saryn's Miasma power not awarding XP or kills.

- Fixed Saryn's Miasma power not being affected by Continuity or Focus mods.

- Fixed Saryn's Venom power not being affected by Continuity mod.

- Fixed the linking of Loki's Decoy and Switch Teleport powers that was causing avatars to sometimes fall outside the level.

- Fixed Trinity's link ability that was affecting/destroying her Sentinel.

- Fixed Rhino Charge and Slash Dash powers framerate dependencies, powers now consistently work as intended.

- Fixed Banshee Soundquake power that was causing visibility issues for other players (not the caster).

- Fixed Ember's Fire Blast power that was causing visibility issues for other players (not the caster).

- Fixed Apex particles that would remain on ragdolls after using Nyx's Mind Control power.

- Fixed Mag's Shield Polarize power playing sound twice.

- Fixed Frost's Freeze power not being affected by Continuity mod.

- Fixed Frost's Snow Globe power not being affected by Continuity and Range mods.

- Fixed Ancient Healer power that was not healing surrounding Infested.

- Fixed Nyx's armband FX showing up with projectors.

- Fixed some Defense mission issues with enemies spawning in areas they can't get down from.

- Fixed host migration during Spy missions where objectives would reset for clients after a host migration.

- Fixed Slash Dash not dealing appropriate damage on clients.

- Fixed login rewards clobbering your current loadout.

- Fixed Long Range weapons not consistently hitting targets at 50m or greater.

- Fixed visibility of "BACK" button on color customization screen.

- Fixed various bugs and nav mesh issues in reported levels.

- Fixed common matchmaking issue where users would receive a “Disconnected” error.

- Fixed Sentinel death affect that was causing frame rate issues.

- Fixed Ash’s Bladestorm power, it will no longer target turrets or security cameras.
- Fixed Login reward handing out "0 Shotgun Ammo" boxes.[video=URL]
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