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well as some of you know, this was in my reaper prime video ..

whoops :whistle:

i actually built both of these at the same time and didnt realize till it was to late but its ok, it was next in line anyway.

am happy to finally have all the prime things made, though there are MASSIVE disadvantages to the prime weapons over the standard version.

this one is no different, yes it does more damage and has that extra polarity slot but at the same time .. it's lost its burst fire meaning single shot.

so it is abit more accurate but at the same time it sucks because you have to wear out your fire button to use the thing.

hopefully they'll revisit these prime weapons and fix them with either a polarity slot to the reaper prime or a returning the burst fire to this, till then the only reason to use them is there rarity.

yup, they are a pain to get because you cant buy them!

HAVE to work on tower 3 missions to get the reciever for this and the blade for the reaper prime meaning you have to do alot of defence missions meaning these on your back shows you worked for them and didnt just go buy them.

everything we have we built but can be bought for platinum EXCEPT the prime weapons/warframes.

so are they worth it?

just for boasting rights but they'll become more popular as more ppl get them over time so they might be the things to have now while there still new .. but imo, there too weak to be good weapons sad
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