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Welcome VAUBAN warframe to my arsenal!

now to start, you can only build this guy by getting the blueprints for the chassis/helmet/system from alerts with the ? ... so no farming possible.

His armour is only 40 but his powers are GREAT!

the tesla ball will stick to anyone and anything and electrocute ppl, you can even stick it to other ppl and let them run round killing for you.

the second one is basicly power assisted jumping you can deply for others to use, so like excaliber but for anyone to use.

the third dispences a field that will make any enemy within it float off the ground, just about melee hight, swing away!!!

and the last one, the void .. OMG this thing once leveled up with the right mods to keep it going longer and do more damage, i've seen this last for along time and suck ppl from accross the room!!

all in all vauban is a good warframe, not the quickest or strongest but WELL worth a play if you can get the parts!

basicly he's the same as excaliber without the ability of owning alot of ppl with the slash dash and different looks, least when it comes to his base stats anyway.
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