Warframe 145 Lets Build The Dragon Nikana
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I liked the nikana and when update 13 went live there was 2 nikanas, one did almost 2x the damage but they looked the same, then they fixed it and the dragon nikana was born about an hour after update 13.

it was in the clan research as its own weapon, needed alot of stuff added to it but you had to research the nikana first so was starting to think that with a 2 day wait for the nikana then a 2 day wait for the dragon nikana and time to play with it .. might not get this for almost a week after U13..

They changed it again, this is now an upgrade blueprint in the market place!

So you have your nikana at level 30, upgrading it to a dragon nikana is VERY worth it .. just one small, teeny tiny problem .. it requires mastery rank 8 for the dragon nikana.

No, it really does need mastery rank 8 for the dragon nikana!!

This was abit of a shame, visualy they look the same so the dragon has had a dangly thing added to the end to make it stand out, prefered it when the only difference was a red stripe though!

That said, this is so worth it if you are mastery 8 though, yes it has a slower fire rate by 0.1 but the damage is so much better!

Problem lays with this sward that it only has one stance mod, if your lucky enough to have it already then congrats, if not .. well it can take along time to farm this.

Tranquil Cleave - is the name of the stance, there is only one and it is droppeb by either the Frontier Butcher or the Arid Butcher.

Heard it can drop from phobos but i got mine from cambrai on earth, survival mission.

once you have that stance in there though, it becomes so much fun to use that even my whip, which has been my goto weapon since i got it, has taken a back seat till i'm bored of this sword and i dont get bored easy, as the 1350hours of playing this game might proove :whistle:
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