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well well well .. one word pops into head when i think of this sentinel .. WHY?

This is because, this has to be the best looking sentinel to date, dethcube is a square, shade is a mushroom, wyrm is a worm, carrier is often refered to as thins i cant even mention and djinn .. that thing looks cool but helios wins!!

we where looking at this weeks before it was announced and wondered how it worked, some of us even bought it with platinum the day it came out and after acouple hours realised they made a HUGE mistake with this sentinel.

i dindt buy it with platinum, but after the cost of the parts, rushing it and the slots .. i should of as it would of cost me around the same anyway!!! :wall:

But, seeing people use this, it does look cool, the way it throws parts of its body as glaives!! has to be easiest the best looking sentinel weapon too but its range is so low that you kill them before the sentinel so makes it instantly useless unless they attack you from the rear.

It does have the ability to scan for you, using your scanner and it will increase your scans in the codex.

Would of thought this was good, but it takes almost 6x longer for it to scan that it does for you to scan so your either constantly down from letting it scan or constantly killing things before it scans so you end up using up all your scanners and all its scanned is consoles, crates and cameras.

There is hope they will revisit this and solve the issues with it, the melee weapon is better now than it was when it came out but it still needs work.

The BEST thing about this weapon, that i like about it alot, is that unlike the glaive itself, you do not need to put in charge damage mods!!

So my Helios deconstructor (melee weapon name, only useable on helios) kills infested upto lvl 30 with ease and looks cool doing it, while i miss all the resources because carrier has ruined us all with its vacuum lol
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