Warframe 89 Lets Build The OBEX
PermalinkSubmitted: 2:50 pm on Nov-07-2013By: Jecht

doing 15 damage with a fire rate of 1.7 and charge damage of 150, these are much better than the kogake for 2 big reasons.

Reason 1:
fire rate is 0.5 quicker, with a fire rate mod you dont notice it that much but if you do a slide attack or charged attack the effects are very noticeable, the slide attack is almost instant, the animation is hard to capture as you can see when we start using them and i have the fire rate mod installed. the slide animation was instant!

Reason 2:
even though it does do 10 less damage, it does an almost explosive style effect when you swing them dealing lots of damage, this coupled with the ground pound area makes the damage for these more, despite it being less!

I LOVE melee weapons with big areas of effect when you do a ground pound, this makes them good for infested when you get a group of them on you and also really useful for crates as you can smash them open without having to be ontop of it meaning you can open lots of them at once!!

All in all these are a really nice melee weapon, never handle the higher level enemys that well but will still be LOADS of fun on every other mission, as you can see in the video i was using them against lvl 70+ enemys and really shouldnt of been as these where lvl 9 when i did that but did not know they where going to be that hard, was an alert :whistle:
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